Why we celebrate with cake!

Most celebrations we have today end with something sweet, and that something sweet is usually cake! Ever wondered why most celebrations include a cake?

Birthdays, Christmases, weddings, and even baby showers today tend to have a cake on their treats table! As it turns out, we’ve got the Greeks to thank for the candles, the Egyptians for the parties, and the Germans for our favourite birthday cake. This week we take a look back at when and why all this started.


1. Birthday cake


Most of us will agree that a party just isn’t a party without cake! It is believed the Germans were the first ones to make birthday cake back in the middle ages (did you know that Coppenrath & Wiese is a German company?). They would celebrate children’s birthdays with cake, calling the celebration Kinderfest. However, these cakes were only available to those that were wealthy. Birthday cakes became more accessible to the lower classes after the industrial revolution and the spread of more materials and goods that allowed the lower classes to make their own. Nowadays we have cake for almost all types of celebrations! Check out our cake selection for cakes you could have at your next birthday celebration.


2. Candles


There are a number of theories surrounding the origins of putting candles on a birthday cake. The one that’s most talked about says it all began in Ancient Greece when the Greeks would make round cakes to honour Artemis, the goddess of the moon. They believed that the lit candles on the cake represented the beautiful light of the moon, and the smoke from the candles was carrying their prayers and wishes to the Gods who lived in the skies.


3. Parties


We all love a good party right? We have the Egyptians to thank for that! It is believed that the first record of a birthday celebration was from Ancient Egypt when someone was crowned as a pharaoh. Deemed more important than their actual birthday, this coronation date was considered so important that it needed to be celebrated with a party! Over the years, parties became associated with any day that was deemed worthy of a celebration throughout the world.

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