Top 5 Christmas Baking Gifts

Christmas fills people with lots of good spirits and here at Coppenrath-Wiese we are in the spirit of giving and eating (as you do)!

We decided to dig deep into the World Wide Web to see which baking essentials would make for great gifts this Christmas! We stumbled upon many interesting bits and pieces, and then came up with a list of our favourite Top 5 Christmas Baking Gifts for the baker in your life. Here goes!


1) Icing tool
Writing on ice tool

Say goodbye to using a plastic bag with the corner cut off! This is the perfect tool for any cake decorating lover. With this pencil style icing tool, you will officially become a pro. No more wonky writing on your lovely desserts! The pencil allows you to write freely, and accurately – so the next time you bring one of your cakes to a dinner party, they will ask you which bakery you got it from! Just add your ink (icing) in the pencil and ink away whatever you want to write!

£9.99, Available from


2) Personalised Child’s Baking Set


Personalised Childs Baking Set

We all know one young up and coming Mary Berry, always in the kitchen asking to help with the baking, especially with the cookies!  Always excited to let anyone who walks through the door that it was them who did the baking! Make their Christmas this year by getting them this child friendly personalised baking set for them to develop their skills.

£16.50, Available from Rocket and Fox at


 3) Personalised Mary Berry Cake Slice


Personalised mary berry cake slice

Speaking about Mary Berry, we all know that she is ‘Queen Bee’ when it comes to baking, which is why this would be ideal for any baking enthusiast! If this won’t make their Christmas, then we don’t know what else will (besides meeting Marry Berry herself of course)!

£22.99, Available at


4) Personalised Cake Topper


Personalised cake topper

Make your mark. Let your cake stand out from the rest of the goodies on the desserts table. Let them know who made that eye catching cake! This personalised cake topper is ideal for that one person whose cakes are always talk of the town. It’s full of character and a gift that can be enjoyed time and time again.

£25, Available from Sophia Victoria Joy at


5) Mum’s Secret Recipe Journal


Mums' secret recipe journal

We all know mums are highly praised for their cooking and baking. There are some dishes that we try and replicate, but can never get them to taste just like mum’s. This top secret recipe notebook will soon become a family heirloom as mum’s most tasty recipes get passed down from one generation to the next. It’s the perfect gift for a mum who loves to cook or bake and has her own top secret way of doing things. Treat your mum (for your future benefit)!

£14.99, Available from The alphabet gift shop at

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