The best canapés for your Christmas party

We all know Christmas is food galore, and nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than a great meal! If you’re planning a Christmas party this year we’ve got some quick finger food ideas to serve with your Christmas drinks before your guests start digging into their Christmas dinner. We know arranging a buffet for many people can be a bit challenging, but these finger foods might just become your ‘go to’ because:

  • They’re easy to prepare
  • Look and taste good
  • Can be prepared in advance
  • Will please everyone


The best canapés for your Christmas party

  1. Brussel sprouts wrapped in pancetta

Hate them or love them, Christmas isn’t Christmas without Brussel sprouts! They don’t really taste of anything, but most of us still find a reason to hate them. Could it be that we just haven’t mastered the best way to have them? Well here’s your chance to convert any sprout haters. Have a go at making Brussel sprouts the star of the table this Christmas by wrapping them in slices of pancetta!


  1. Pigs in blankets

These tasty little titbits are one of the Christmas favourites in almost every household. They are too delicious to not make an appearance at your Christmas party! As much as they taste amazing with sausages, why not have a variety this year and try them with roast chicken as well! Just make sure they’re golden-brown and cooked through before serving!


  1. Smoked salmon canapés with cream cheese

Looking for a toast for your Christmas buffet? Why not try these smoked salmon canapés with cream cheese. They’re great with Prosecco! The textures and flavours of all the ingredients are scrumptious together! For a neat finish, top with individual sprigs of dill and garnish with one or two strands of lemon zest.


  1. Mini Yorkshire puddings with beef and horseradish 

These delicious canapés are bound to go down a treat at Christmas parties! We all have a weakness for mini Yorkshires, so when combined with succulent beef and creamy horseradish, your guests will most definitely be going for seconds!


  1. Spiced cod fritters with harissa honey dip

Want a bit of a twist to your Christmas party menu this year? Go Oriental with spiced cod fritters and harissa honey dip. Not only will they bring some middle-eastern flavours to the table, but they are also bound to start a conversation amongst your guests!


  1. Caramelised mushroom tartlets

Whether it’s a cosy fireside party for two or a big shindig with all your family and friends, these super-clever caramelised mushroom tartlets are just perfect for either occasion. They can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, which will definitely keep your stress levels low!


  1. Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sausage puffs

It can’t get any more festive than this canapé! All you need to create the scrumptiousness this finger food offers is crispy turkey, your favourite stuffing, cranberries, sausages and puff pastry. That’s it! Have a go at making them and watch them disappear from your buffet table this Christmas.

After all the canapés is finished and Christmas dinner has been served, what else could seal this meal other than some Coppenrath & Wiese desserts! Don’t forget to grab some sweet treats for your guests from a store near you. Happy festive eating!


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