Stir Up Sunday: Everything you need to know

This year, the annual tradition of Stir Up Sunday will take place on Sunday 26th November.

The day is often seen as the start of preparation for Christmas and is the day when cooks up and down the country make their Christmas pudding. So get some festive songs on and your ingredients out and follow our guide to all things Stir Up Sunday!

What is Stir Up Sunday?

Stir Up Sunday traces back to Victorian times and is traditionally celebrated on the Sunday before Advent. It is a day when family and friends gather together in their kitchens to ‘stir up’ that year’s Christmas pudding.

Why do you prepare Christmas Pudding so far in advance?

Christmas puddings and Christmas cake tend to be made well before Christmas so that the flavours of all the dried fruits baked together with spices, eggs, flour and butter have time to mature. Christmas cakes are also ‘fed’ regularly with small amounts of brandy or rum to create a moist and flavoursome cake – so the longer the cake has to develop, the better. Some people make their Christmas cakes months in advance!

Christmas pudding doesn’t need quite as long to mature as it contains suet which helps keep the pudding moist and rich.


Stir up Sunday

Stir Up Sunday Traditions

Stir Up Sunday is surrounded by a number of traditions, the most magical being that everyone would make a special wish for the year ahead whilst stirring the mix. Some families even hide a silver coin in the mixture which is said to bring wealth to whoever finds it in their slice of pudding on Christmas Day.

The mixture is also often stirred from East to West to honour the journey of the three wise men who visited baby Jesus, and the pudding itself is usually made up of 13 ingredients representing Jesus and the twelve disciples.

Getting involved

Stir Up Sunday is a great way to start the festive season with your family and friends and start your own yearly tradition. It’s also a great way of getting the kids involved in the preparation of Christmas by making the pudding early on, and waiting until it’s ready to be centre of the table on Christmas Day!

The best thing about Christmas pudding is that everything goes into one big bowl, so it’s a great recipe for kids to get really stuck into and have fun making a mess with! Baking also helps kids learn about maths, weights and following a recipe.

Our favourite recipes

We love this classic Christmas pudding recipe by baking queen Mary Berry, complete with brandy butter on the side, or if you’re looking to break tradition, why not try Nigella’s indulgent chocolate pudding for Christmas pudding haters (do they exist?!) or go even more far out with Jamie Oliver’s Chai Sticky Date Pudding.

Stir up Sunday

Alternative Christmas Desserts       

Christmas is the time of year where you can’t possibly have too much food – especially desserts! So make sure you stock up on a selection of show-stopping sweet treats, you never know who might pop round over the festive period.

Coppenrath and Wiese creates a selection of cakes and desserts which can be heated and served warm – or straight from the freezer for a no-fuss Christmas.

The range includes gateaux, cheesecakes, tortes, strudels, and pavlovas for the individual treat and desserts big enough to cater for a whole party. Available in supermarkets and convenience stores.

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