Spring Clean Your Way Out of Winter

It’s that time of year, where it’s getting a little less frosty, the days are getting longer and we can see the first hints of Spring. Here we have a few ways to Spring clean and de-Winter your kitchen, to prepare yourself for the new season.

With the change in seasons and the hope of warmer weather becoming more likely, we want to start afresh and shake off our dowdy Winteriness. Winter coats are being left in wardrobes and hearty stews are being replaced with lighter meals. To help you get that spring back in your step and get you in to the seasonal mood, you can begin with using the last bits of your Winter stockpile and create some delicious end of season meals, or learn how to preserve those odds and ends so nothing goes to waste!

Veggie soup

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • If you don’t fancy using those last few sticks of celery as a base for another stew or casserole, why not use the leftover as part of a stock, ready for you to create a tasty meal in the future? BBC Good Food have listed a few tips here, on how to avoid throwing that celery in the bin
  • Have a few sprigs of herbs lying around in the fridge? Why not freeze them in oil instead of throwing them on the compost heap? Here, The Kitchn team show us how to give surplus herbs a new lease of life.
  • For those veggie odds and ends scattered around, you can put them to some good use and rustle up a delicious soup. Here’s a simple recipe from BBC Good Food, which you can adapt and change depending on what you have in the kitchen.
  • Or even a seasonal salad; roast the last of your Winter vegetables and add them to a bowl of leaves and if you have any, sprinkle over the last of those walnuts left from Christmas.
  • You can also follow our tips from last year’s Spring Cleaning and Food Prep guide and whip up food for a month in one afternoon!

Now that you’re fully equipped and ready to welcome Spring, we would love to see you preserving those herbs and tucking in to a Winter salad, so send over your Spring cleaning pictures to either our Twitter page or Facebook and use the #coppentips!

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