It’s the Mason Jar Season!

Spring has sprung, the weather’s much better, and the first of the two May bank holidays is around the corner. If your idea of the perfect long weekend includes indulging on delicious food and drinks while enjoying the company of friends and family, then why not have a picnic?

When it comes to bringing scratch made desserts to get-togethers like picnics, there’s always the worry that they won’t look how you made them by the time they’ve been taken to the event, but we have a solution for you. If you’re a mason jar fan, then you will love this – three jar dessert ideas from talented bakers that will not only sweeten up your bank holiday picnic whilst you make the most of the weather, but also keep your desserts intact!


Cheesecake in a jar



Can you think of a better combination than cheesecake and fresh summer fruit? Most people wouldn’t think of having cheesecake at a picnic as it’s usually seen as a formal dessert. However, when it’s served in a jar – you can have it anywhere! For a simple and easy recipe, follow King Arthur Flour’s method.




Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Jar

Red-Velvet-in-a-Jar 2



We really thought we had seen it all, until we saw these Red Velvet cupcakes in a Jar by My Baking Addiction! Instead of making a traditional cake or cupcakes for your picnic, why not jazz up this sweet treat by layering slices of cupcake with cream cheese frosting in jars. Finish them off with a candy sprinkling of your choice.





Oreo Dirt Pudding in Mason Jars



This fun and easy dessert is a great treat for kids and tasty enough for adults to enjoy as well! With this one, you can even get the kids involved in making it prior to the picnic by letting them layer their own dirt cups, or mix up the layers a little bit for some fun variations. Head over to the Food Fun Family blog for the full recipe.



We love these dessert recipes because they are individual servings that can be lidded up and taken anywhere, making them go-to desserts for your bank holiday picnic. As you will be making them before the picnic, store them in the fridge with the lids on to keep them fresh. For ideas on what else you could include in your picnic basket, then check out our Bank Holiday Picnic Fun blog!

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