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It’s no secret that we love desserts, that’s what Coppenrath & Wiese is all about. For some, creating desserts is something that they only do on special occasions or when they are craving something sweet.

For us, baking is something that excites us, and is even more exciting when we know there’re others out there who might just be into it as much as we are.

We’ve scrolled the internet and have seen some talented dessert bloggers who see baking as an art, and create desserts similar to ours. Here are some of the dessert bloggers we love, whose desserts will have you sifting flour, whether you’ve done it before or not!


  1. Jane’s Patisserie

Jane's Patisserie

If you love our cheesecakes, then you’ll dribble over Jane’s recipes! Her creamy cheesecakes are probably enough on their own, but also give you the option of topping up with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle or caramel crunch – depending on which cheesecake you’re going for!


  1. Thermomist Baking Blogger

thermomist baking blogger

In this chilly weather, our Black Forest Gateaux is usually a favourite. Thermomist baking blogger Sophia put a modern twist to this classic dessert, and added layers – talk about pushing boundaries!


  1. Belleau Kitchen


Another Coppenrath & Wiese dessert that’s popular this season is the Fruit Strudel. If this dessert goes down a treat in your household, then these Apple and Sultana Strudel Biscuits might just tickle your fancy! Dominic says these sweet and sticky treats are the easiest things to make, and can be made with left over pastry.


  1. The Crazy Kitchen

Chocolate fudge cake

If you follow us on social media, then you know about our famous Chocolate Fudge Cake. Anyone who loves fudge cake should definitely check out Helen’s version. Not only is hers triple layered, but it also has caramel – scrumptious!


  1. Kerry Cooks

lemon meringue pie

Our Lemon Meringue Pie is a traditional British speciality with a tender lemon filling encased in a crumbly pastry base.  If you’re keen on strong citrus flavours and fancy something more lemony, then Kerry’s recipe will do just the trick!

There are definitely more dessert bloggers we love, but these should keep you busy for now! Next time you’re in the mood for one of these sweet treats, be sure to stop by this post to check out the recipes by these dessert lovers. They won’t disappoint!

If you’re not a fan of baking, then why not take a shortcut with one of our classic cakes or use it as a base to practice some extravagant decoration!

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