Cheese Fondue: everything you need to know

We’ve gone fondue crazy this month at Coppenrath & Wiese; we’re giving away a stylish Copper Fondue Set in our August competition and we’ve written this blog on all things fondue… 

Fondue facts:

What is fondue?

A dish where small pieces of food are dipped into a hot sauce (traditionally cheese) which is cooked over a slow burning cooking mechanism.

Chocolate fondue is also popular, simply melt some chocolate with butter, cream and milk and stir until silky – dip fruit and marshmallows in for a sweet treat.

Cheese Fondue

Where does it originate from?

Switzerland – it became the Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union (Schweizerische Käseunion) in the 1930s to increase the country’s cheese consumption!

Cheese Fondue

What cheese do you use in fondue?

Gruyère, Cheddar, and Emmental are popular choices…

Cheese Fondue

What ingredients do I need for a cheese fondue?

Most recipes include the below ingredients:

– Cheese of course, two kinds is always nice for extra flavour

– Garlic

– Corn flour

– Kirsch

– White wine

 Cheese Fondue

What’s Kirsch?

Kirsch is a colourless fruity brandy which is made from double distillation of Morello cherries. If you don’t have or can’t find Kirsch, just white wine, brandy or cognac can be used but don’t use a cherry liquor as they can be too sweet for a fondue.

Cheese Fondue

Recipes: our favourites

– BBC Good Food’s simple recipe uses both Gruyère and Cheddar cheese, added with a splash of white wine and Kirsch! Try it out for yourself… or for a traditional Swiss recipe try this one from BBC Food which adds lemon juice and garlic

– Or go for Nigella’s version which uses Camembert and Gruyère cheese, served with carrots, chicory and raddish!

Jamie Oliver’s recipe includes traditional ingredients with a few extras of blue cheese, shallots, cider and crème fraiche – definitely worth a try this weekend.

 Cheese Fondue

What to serve with cheese fondue?

– Bread of course is the number choice to dip into your delicious cheesy fondue, from sourdough to fruit bread they’ll go well with the dip, cut into small cubes for easy dipping!

– Or for a healthier option vegetable batons – carrots, asparagus, cucumber and celery work well

– Steamed or roasted artichokes also a popular choice…

– Chunks of meat are delicious too, ham, chorizo or salami are our favourites.

Cheese Fondue


Don’t forget to enter our August competition to win a Copper Fondue Set from Lakeland, the set includes a stainless steel, copper-finished fondue pot, six forks, trivet, burner, diffuser and two mini copper bowls to put all your dipping ingredients in! From savoury cheese fondue to sweet chocolate it’s the perfect prize for entertaining this summer right through to winter.

Cheese Fondue

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