Baking hacks that will change your baking life

Ever wondered how you could make your baking life easier? If you’re into baking as much as we are, then 2018 is about to get better for you! We’ve put together some baking hacks that will have you on your way to becoming the next Mary Berry! Prepare to be wowed!


  1. Bringing stale cake back to life

Have you ever baked more cake than you can eat, then had loads left over? Left over cake usually sits for a while, becomes stale, and then goes in the bin. If you find yourself desperate for that last piece of cake, all you need to do is pop it on a plate over simmering water to bring it back to life. It will be fresh enough to eat again!


  1. Are your eggs at room temperature?


Many people often wonder why most baking recipes call for using room temperature eggs. It’s so the whites and yolks can combine easier when whisking. If your eggs need to be room temperature, just pop them in some warm water for 10 -15 minutes before using them – simple!


  1. No more accidental burnt bits!

Have you ever left your cake in the oven for a little too long because you had to finish the last few minutes of your TV program, and then by the time you got to the oven the cake was a bit burnt on the top or the bottom? If this ever happens again and you want to remove the burnt bits – just use a vegetable peeler to shave off the black bits for a clean and smooth finish.


  1. Decorating cookies and cakes


Not every baker has all the extra utensils that can be used, especially for decorating. If this is you and you want to learn how to decorate cookies and cakes before buying the more expensive utensils, you can use a syringe filled with frosting to expertly decorate. Who knew?!


  1. Ripe bananas in an instant

If you love baking banana cake or banana bread, then you know the recipes need ripe bananas. The next time you get the urge to make one of these but cannot wait another week for your bananas to get super-ripe, just roast them in the oven on a lined baking tray for about 40 minutes, or until they’re dark brown – that’ll do the job!


  1. Pie crimping

Are you a pie lover but only know one or two ways of making your pie crusts look beautiful? That’s about to change! We have a video for you which will show you 20 creative ways of pie crimping techniques in 120 seconds. Just watch, and learn:

If you want to get started on some of these hacks on some quick and easy bakes, then take a look at one of our previous blogs for suggestions on what you could start with.







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