Back to school – lunchbox favourites

September is here which means everyone is back to school and work after the summer break.

So we’ve put together a list of our favourite things spice up your packed lunchbox. From sandwiches and fruit to homemade meals and sweet treats we’ve got it all covered here:


Of course sandwiches are always going to be a lunchbox staple but gone are the days where a slice of ham or a spread of jam will do, although we do love a bit of nostalgia every now again. For something a little different why not try using avocado? Avocado is a great source of healthy fats and goes well with prawns or sliced chicken and for an extra kick we like mixing in some chilli or paprika into mayonnaise, for a much needed pick me up at lunch time (turn this into a salad if you don’t want the bread). Wrap your sandwiches tightly in foil to keep them fresh until the afternoon.



Salads and pasta salads

Make a basic salad mix of leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and anything else you enjoy and buy a range of extras from canned tuna mixed with sweetcorn and salad cream to some sliced meat – why not try beef and add some chutney! Then you can mix and match your lunches all week or if you prefer something a bit more filling add some pasta, this again can be mixed with a variety of sauces and ingredients to prep you for the whole week.


Hot meals

With autumn not too far away and the wintry weather already appearing having a hot lunch to look forward to can keep you going all morning. Curries, stews and soups are ideal to pack in all the goodness you want without slaving over the hob for hours – simply throw all your ingredients in the slow cooker the night before and you’ll have a delicious bubbling meal ready for you in the morning. Slow cookers are really easy to use and can create meals whilst you sit with your feet up or work all day. Then simply put your tasty meal in a container and warm up at work whenever you want. We love slow cookers that much we’re giving you the chance to win one in our latest competition, enter here and for some slow cooker recipes head over to our blog here.


Sweet treats

Lunch isn’t all about savoury items, a few sweet treats are always needed, even if you save them for the 3 o’clock slump or as a mid-morning snack. A slice of our Apple & Walnut cake is the perfect elevenses treat, simply defrost before work and put in container to take with you, or why not get the slow cooker out and make a cake? Slow cookers aren’t just for stews and casseroles they can be used to make rice puddings, cakes and porridges. Have a look at these recipes on Country Living – deeeelicious!


Apple Walnut Cake_1000

We hope this gives you some much needed lunchbox inspiration, if you’ve got some dishes you love to pack into your lunch box then comment on our Facebook page to share them with others.

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