Autumn is here…

We are now officially in autumn, we have said goodbye to summer and hello to crisp mornings and cosy nights in – with a slice of cake of course! As we go into this next season we’ve put together a list of all things we love to do in autumn:


  • Eat cake

At Coppenrath we love cake served as it is but sometimes it’s nice to include a few dollops of cream or fruit to add a little more flavour and indulgence. So we’ve put together our favourite additions to complement any cake – perfect for special occasions or the odd treat! Head over to our blog now, for our favourite serving suggestion recipes from cream, ice cream and custard to indulgent sauces and coulis – ideal for a treat this autumn.




  • Get cosy

There’s nothing better than getting in from a long day at work, getting your pyjamas on and sitting down on the sofa, especially in autumn. Sometimes all you need is a cup of tea or coffee, lots of cushions and blankets and a good film or book. For a good film head over to where they’ve got the best 30 movies on Netflix right now, and for an interesting book have a read of this article on the Business Insider with the 10 best books to read for 2017 by Amazon!




  • Make a big bowl of stew or soup

Whilst you’re cosy on the sofa, half way through a good book or film, you’ll probably start to get a bit hungry and in this weather all you want is a warm bowl of goodness. Well why not plan ahead and get a big pot of stew or soup going to warm you up even more? Slow cookers are ideal for this type of food, all you have to do is throw in lots of veggies and any meat (remember to sear beforehand), a little water or stock and let it bubble away for a few hours to create a tasty stew or soup, all you have to do is blitz the soup once cooked! For more recipes and ideas head over to our blog here.




  • Go on a crisp autumnal walk

Autumn is the best time of year to go on a walk, the change in season and colourful changes in the leaves makes it the perfect time to get active. Wrap up warm and even take a hot drink in an insulated mug to take with you. It’s ideal when it’s a crisp autumnal day, and can help destress you and loose a few pounds before Christmas comes!




We hope you enjoy doing some of the things we love to do in autumn, if you’ve got any ideas leave us a comment on Facebook or twitter.

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