Activities for rainy days …

Summer may be here but we’re in the UK so rain is more than likely going to appear.

So to help you out when staying in is the only option we’ve put together some ideas to keep both you and the kids entertained – especially if you’ve got six weeks off together!


  • Decorate cakes

Coppenrath cakes are delicious on their own but if you fancy turning them into your own unique masterpieces then they make ideal bases. The kids will love decorating them and you could even turn it into a competition if you’ve got a few children to look after. Simply find some small bowls and fill them all with different sweets, chocolates and icing and let their imaginations run wild! We’ve also got some examples that some of our blogger friends created with Coppenrath cakes, they’re really easy and fun to make – plus the hard part is already done for you.

rainy days

This ones uses four Coppenrath & Wiese Chocolate Fudge Cakes – heaven!


  • Make a den

Making a den is part of everyone’s childhood, it’s such a fun activity and it’s completely free! It’s the best activity you can do on a rainy day, relive your childhood and help the children create a den! Get lots of snacks, duvets and any covers you can find, put a film on and get them to relax whilst the rain hits your windows! The kids will find it so exciting and it will keep them quiet for a couple of hours whilst you have a well-deserved cuppa and a slice of cake.

rainy days

  • Bake

We all have fond childhood memories of whisking up a cake as youngsters, licking the spoon, and of course tucking into the delicious final result. Baking with kids is a fantastic activity. Not only can it keep them entertained for hours, it doesn’t cost the earth, you can do it whatever the weather, and teach them a thing or two about maths, science and where their food comes from. Rice crispy cakes, flapjacks and butterfly buns are the best recipes and we’ve got them all on our blog ‘Top 10 baking with children recipes’.

rainy days

  • Make sock puppets

Let’s be honest, there’s always lots of socks lying round that either don’t match or have lots of holes in them, so make use of them and create sock puppets! On the Kidspot website they have some useful tips to make the best sock puppets – as long as you’ve got some socks and googly eyes you can’t go wrong! Why not get the kids to do a performance once they’ve made them.


rainy days

  • Jump in puddles

For some reason kids love jumping in puddles, so let them make the most of the bad weather, get their raincoats and wellies on and jump in! They can splish and splash in the garden to their heart’s content whilst you watch on from the warm house.

rainy days

So that’s rainy days covered – keep an eye out for our blog coming out in August for things to do with the kids when the sun shines!



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