At Coppenrath & Wiese we really know about desserts!

Our team of expert bakers and pâtissiers have been lovingly creating sumptuous cakes and desserts for over 40 years – stirring, mixing and kneading some of the world’s finest ingredients to create delicious cakes and perfect puddings for freezers across the world.

Made with expertise, care and delicious ingredients, once our desserts are finished, they are immediately sent into a natural ‘deep frozen’ sleep – to lock in the freshness and fantastic taste.

Our desserts are enjoyed from Britain to Portugal, America to France and our expert bakers combine their understanding of flavours from around the world with their passion for puddings to create beautiful desserts for you to enjoy. From the traditionally German Apple Strudel to the typically British Strawberry Cheesecake – delicious desserts are internationally loved.

As the saying goes: “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, and the reason why our desserts have been passing the ‘mmm’ test for over 40 years is the skill and passion of our expert bakers who really know how to create the perfect puddings.


Thanks to our meticulous attention to detail and determination to create the very best desserts, our trophy cabinet is bulging! Last year we scooped 12 food awards and a number of industry certifications from across Europe – testament to the hard-working team we have.