Sourced Locally

No artificial colours or flavourings

Taste tested

We take great pride in the creation of our desserts, which we hope is evident every time you open one of our boxes. Every single one of our employees is passionate about our products – from expert chefs who are constantly devising new tastes and flavour combinations, to our fruit sorters who ensure we only have the very best fillings in our desserts!

In order to create the ‘perfect pud’, we combine classic baking traditions and the expertise of our master bakers with state-of-the-art production methods. Each new product is inspired by our customers and created by our master bakers who are on hand to stir, bake and refine each recipe to perfection. Nothing leaves our door without passing our ‘mmmm’ test, as only the very finest, tastiest of our creations will make it on to the freezer shelves.

We achieve this taste perfection by using only the finest dessert ingredients. All of our dairy products are sourced locally, on a daily basis. The soft cheese we use in our cheesecakes is created in the time-honoured way of using 4kg of milk to make 1kg of soft cheese. We do this because it produces a firmer, grainier, simply better cheese than if we were to just use skimmed milk.

All of our cream desserts and bakery products are crafted to taste as good as home-made – that’s why you will not find any artificial colours, flavourings or hydrogenated fats – we just don’t believe in them.

Food Safety

We have complete traceability of every cream dessert and bakery product and can even retrace every step our products have made during each stage of production. We know exactly which ingredients they contain and where those goods were sourced, we even know which commercial customers have sourced exactly which products from us. We know a lot.

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