Our selection of cakes and desserts is second to none.

We have cakes, gateaux, cheesecakes, tortes, strudels, pavlovas, desserts for the individual treat and desserts big enough to cater for a whole party! Our wide selection also stretches to offer great desserts that can be heated and served warm on those cold, grey, rainy nights – or straight from the freezer for those no-fuss occasions. It’s a piece of cake!

We believe that frozen desserts are best. Our experts have been freezing desserts for the past 30 years and have been able to give our customers the highest quality products, with only natural colours, no preservatives (freezing is a natural preserving process) – all for great value for money.

On a practical note, our frozen desserts can be bought during a mid-week shop and stored in the freezer, ready for the weekend, perfect for mums (and dads!) on-the-go or for the hostess with the mostest looking to impress at a dinner party.

Our products also offer integrity and robustness (unlike some fragile chilled products) – so even after driving back from the weekly shop, aided by your ‘little helpers’ your dessert will still look just how it’s meant to.