A celebration of all things tea

It is common knowledge that the Brits are well known for their love of a cuppa, so it is no surprise that there is an actual National Tea Day. It’s an annual event, a celebration of all things tea, and this year it will be held on Saturday 21st April. The event is celebrated in special festivals, pubs, tea rooms, and hotels!

To help you celebrate, we have put together a few treats that you can enjoy with your cuppa on National Tea Day this year. Let’s indulge…




Can we tempt you to cream tea? For those who are not familiar with it, it’s a form of afternoon tea consisting of tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam. Join this traditional English tea time meal, simply perfect when served with butter, whipped cream and homemade jam.




Lemon Meringue Pie_2000


If you are celebrating with afternoon tea, then you know it can easily become a flour fest, so why not have a few alternatives such as meringues!  They are a wonderful dessert, nice and crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside – perfect combination. Take a look at our meringue selection for inspiration!







Crumpts don’t have to be boring. Best served hot with lashings of creamy butter that oozes and melts into the little holes on the top of the crumpet, they always go down a treat with a brew. Switch it up a little this year and add jam, cheese melted on top, or even marmite instead of butter.






You can never wrong when you have a slice of cake with a cuppa tea, there is nothing more heavenly! If you are celebrating National Tea Day at home, why not bake your own cake? Here at Coppenrath & Wiese we love baking, so we have some baking hacks that could help you in preparation for this day. If baking is not for you, then take a look at our cake selection and get yourself one of our cakes to enjoy with your cuppa! Happy National Tea Day!




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